Card Printer Hire

At Infocus ID, we understand that purchasing a card printer isn’t always necessary. You may just need to produce cards for a one-time event, therefore we offer short and long-term hire.

Hiring a card printer may not only be the most convenient option but it could also be the most cost effective.

Trained engineers will tailor a machine around your requirements and then provide you the best pricing possible - we guarantee to beat any like for like quote from any company.

When you hire a machine from Infocus ID, we provide you with full remote support software and printer training, potentially saving hours of wasted time and helping you get finished faster.

There are 2 different types of ID card printers; direct to card and re-transfer. The main differences between the 2 is that the re-transfer printers can print full edge to edge cards in a higher quality, usually allowing you to print more colourful backgrounds. You can read more about these here:

Guide to Buying a Plastic Card Printer

Please contact us if you require any further information regarding the differences between the 2 technologies and one of our sales team will be more than happy to help.

If you need to print a large number of cards, we can help you save money by supplying partially pre-printed cards to which you can add variable data afterwards.

We charge depending on the specification required. A basic DTC card printer and softwarecosts just £145 for the first week, then £25 per day thereafter.

The cost of hiring a standard re-transfer printer is £250 for the first week, then £40 per day thereafter.

Special features such as encoders are charged extra.

A deposit will be required by credit card and consumables MUST be purchased from us. Prices are ex-VAT but do include delivery and re-collection within UK Mainland.

Please contact us for a written quote:

Email or call +44 (0)1724 277777