Do you have a handwritten visitor’s book? Then chances are you may be breaking your GDPR agreement.

Can your visitors see the information about previous visitors when they sign in? If so, this is probably a data privacy breach. Run of the mill signing-in books do not comply with GDPR.

Have you noticed that other offices you visit have an electronic visitor management system?

Reasons for going down this route are numerous, but the most popular include:

    • Keep in line with any privacy laws, checking visitors in and out has never been easier with a self-service touchscreen sign in/out.
    • Self-service operation makes the sign-in process quick and easy and reduces the administrative burden on your reception staff.
    • Having a desk or wall mounted solution not only looks professional but keeps your brand consistent with a front screen themed as you like it. It can feature your logo and colour schemes for a unique design matching the look and feel of your school or organisation
    • When an emergency situation occurs you can make sure everyone is accounted for. One click fire evacuation reports can be relayed to multiple printers and or email addresses so no one is left behind. 
    • Safeguard your organisation with the ability to look up historical data and even view photographs of your visitors and contractors quickly and easily, at any point in time. Managing known and unknown visitors, contractors, staff, students/pupils and residents as required. Providing you with a clear, instant and accurate view of exactly who is or was on your site at any point in time

Kiosk Solution

Our self-contained kiosk offers an innovative and attractive alternative to the conventional desk or wall mounted solution, with all the comprehensive features.

  • Free-standing; no physical install required
  • Integrated Touchscreen for clear, backlit images
  • Completely self-contained 
  • Option to theme and brand
  • DDA compliant version available
  • Built-In Camera. Takes a picture of visitors and also reads QR codes for quick visitor sign in/out
  • Badge Printer. Quickly produces durable visitor badges. Thermal printing means no ink needed. 
  • Simple Connectivity. Only one power and one data point required.

If you prefer to print your own ID cards in-house, our optional card printing bolt-on makes this easy.

Cards can be printed directly from the back office suite which means there's no need to repeatedly input names, job descriptions and other information into other systems or software to produce your cards.

We can supply a complete solution including a high quality card printer, but if you already have a printer, our systems are compatible with most other card printers. Our designers will even produce your card template if required.

We can also supply your consumables, such as printer ribbons, blank cards, lanyards and other ID accessories, so please contact us with your requirements.

Our visitor management system comes with a 3-year hardware warranty and 12 month comprehensive hardware & software support included as standard.

In summary:
Core features & benefits

Easy sign-in / sign-out

EntrySign simplifies your sign-in / sign-out process and reduces administration type by replacing traditional paper-based books which are often found on reception desks.

Signing people into your organisation can be made much quicker and efficient with EntrySign.

Expected visitors can be pre-booked for an efficient sign-in process using optional QR-codes.

Improve safeguarding

Does your current visitor management process allow you to easily identify if a particular person has ever visited your site?

Do you know exactly who is on site at any point in time, either right now or on a specific date in the past?

If you had EntrySign, the answer to both of these questions would be yes. You can quickly and easily look up historical data and even view photographs of your visitors and contractors.

Reinforce brand

One of the first things your visitors will see upon arrival will be your sign-in process, whether that is currently a digital or paper-based system.

EntrySign provides a self-contained touchscreen which visitors use to enter their details.

The screen is fully customised with your logo, colour scheme and any slogans/mottos meaning that your organisations image and identity is reinforced as soon as visitors arrive.


EntrySign can help your organisation comply with health and safety regulation, safeguarding requirements, and even the new GDPR regulations.

Track and monitor H&S and site induction dates, CRB/DBS dates and even perform GDPR data requests.

Call / Chat with us now! for more info. Our lines are always open to take your call.